Arizona may have a booming medical marijuana industry. But a recent court ruling could jeopardize one of the fastest growing products — cannabis oil. The case is expected to reach the state's highest court. And it's revealing how the industry is still struggling to find legitimacy, even as more people than ever use marijuana.
Sept. 19 marks the anniversary of Mexico City’s two most devastating earthquakes — one in 1985 and one in 2017. Today, the city still debates on what were the lessons learned.


Study: Transplant Liver Allocation System Disadvantages Children
A new study says the national system that allocates livers to transplant candidates might inadvertently give adults an advantage over children.
9 hours ago
Trump To Take Action On Immigration Following Visit To Shanksville 9/11 Memorial
President Donald Trump told the HILL.TV Wednesday that the 9/11 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, renewed his resolve to build his stalled border wall.
9 hours ago
Cindy McCain Dismisses Comments From Sen. Graham On McCain, Trump
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says he wishes McCain had gotten to know Trump better, suggesting they would have eventually gotten along. When told of Graham’s comments, Cindy McCain told TMZ her husband was confident in his feelings.
10 hours ago
Mesa Man In Possession Of 42 Pipe Bombs Indicted By Grand Jury
The Arizona attorney general's office said Wednesday that a grand jury indicted Jeffrey Metcalf last week on 42 counts of misconduct involving weapons.
9 hours ago
9th Circuit Reinstates Tipped Employees
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has given employees who earn tips another chance to sue their employers over unfair wages.
11 hours ago

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The electoral connection was critical throughout the Thomas nomination process. Two elections that took place in the 1980s were not only preludes but determinants of the drama that would unfold.
A new poll finds that men and women — particularly within the Republican party — differ greatly on why more women haven't been elected to office, or even whether there are enough women in office.
The Missouri Democrat, facing a tough re-election battle, says her decision is not based on recent allegations of sexual misconduct against the nominee, but on other issues.
Suspects told horrifying stories about being beaten, electro-shocked or suffocated by Jon Burge and his men to elicit confessions.
A giant of postmodern architecture, he said he rejected unity, consistency and clarity: "All of those things made ... not for beautiful purity — but dead purity."