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Arizona may have a booming medical marijuana industry. But a recent court ruling could jeopardize one of the fastest growing products — cannabis oil. The case is expected to reach the state's highest court. And it's revealing how the industry is still struggling to find legitimacy, even as more people than ever use marijuana.
Author: America
The American dream is a very distant dream for a growing number of Americans who wonder whether opportunities — especially educational and financial — are beyond their reach. Author Steven Brill argues this development is five decades in the making.
How To Know Which College To Attend
U.S. News and World Report earlier this month unveiled its 2019 Best Colleges Rankings. But John Byrnes argues these rankings, and others, are flawed and should not be the be all and end all of where a student goes to college.
How Does Arizona Fair On Family And Medical Leave?
It’s been 25 years since the Family and Medical Leave Act was approved by the federal government, and in the years since then, half of the states haven’t moved beyond the basics related to protection of unpaid leave.
Concern Raised On Wording For Clean Energy Initiative
Backers of the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona initiative have fought — and won — court challenges over its so-called “misleading language,” and now there’s new back-and-forth on the wording of this.
The Takeaway: Trump
The Trump administration announced another round of tariffs on a list of nearly 6,000 different kinds of goods imported from China, this week. China struck back with additional $60 billion dollars in tariffs on American goods.
AZ Needs More Reserves To Weather Economic Downturn
While U.S. states’ financial health has strengthened in 2018 compared with last year, fewer than half have enough financial reserves to weather the first year of a moderate recession, according to a report released Monday.
Study Details Costs Of High Arizona Imprisonment Rate
Arizona has the fourth-highest per capita imprisonment rate in the country and a new report details the factors putting people behind bars. On the heels of a similar report released by the ACLU, FWD.US is out with a study of the causes for Arizona’s high imprisonment rate.
Medical School Coming To Phoenix Park Central Mall
Less than a month after Phoenix leaders approved plans to build a parking garage at Park Central Mall, a new tenant has been revealed.
Canadian Company Acquires Helium Rich Arizona Land
Earlier this month, about 4,000 acres of federal land in northern Arizona were put up for auction for oil and gas development.
Canals Could Become Economic Engines For Valley
As the weather starts to get a bit cooler, at least in the morning and evening, you might start to see more and more walkers, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and other people along the canals that run through the Phoenix area.
Neo-Luddite Movement Grows
During the Industrial Revolution, some textile workers, called Luddites, rebelled against the machines replacing them. Today, in a world of Russian hacking and tracking and targeted ads, there is a new wave of luddites who view technology with a healthy dose of skepticism.
Modern Technology Raises Ethical Questions
Staying connected to the world, work and family is easier than ever — if a little tiring — thanks to technological advances in smartphones, smart speakers and search engines. But changes are so rapid now that huge questions keep popping up — especially ethical questions.
Lucid Motors Could Be Making Its Way To The Valley
A major cash investment, made via the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, is intended to provide the needed capital allowing Lucid Motors to complete its Arizona manufacturing facility.
Talking Stick Resort Set To Reopen
Talking Stick Resort plans to reopen on Monday, more than a month after monsoon storm flooding closed the hotel and casino.
Scottsdale Progress Relaunches With Smaller Staff, Big Aspirations
The first issue of Scottsdale’s hometown newspaper published in 1948 — before the city was even officially a city. The last iteration of the Scottsdale Progress ended in 2009. The paper relaunched Sunday, Sept. 16 — an anomaly in an era of shrinking local news coverage.
Brnovich Breaks Silence On Cellphone Consumer Fraud Investigation
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich spoke out for the first time about his investigation into a major search engine company's possible violation of the Consumer Protection Act.
Patients Seek Alternatives To EpiPen During Shortage
Walgreens announced recently that it’ll stock Auvi-Q as an alternative to patients who need epinephrine. This is in the midst of a shortage of EpiPens, which has had some patients and pharmacies scrambling for the medicine used to treat severe allergic reactions.
AZ Aerospace Company Grows In Sonora
Tempe-based Walbar Engine Components recently finished work on a new manufacturing facility in the Sonoran port city of Guaymas, near San Carlos.
Saudi Investment To Help Arizona Car Factory
A $1 billion investment from Saudi Arabia is expected to fund a new factory in Pinal County.
The NFL And The Culture War
It seemed, for a while, the popularity of the NFL was on a dramatic upward trend that didn’t have an end in sight. But then a decision by some players to protest police violence by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem put the NFL right in the middle of the culture wars.