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Whether you were born in Arizona or came here from somewhere else, chances are you’ve wondered about the people, places and things in the Grand Canyon State.

We think great stories start with curious questions, and KJZZ wants to investigate your questions — big or small — from the Valley or across the state.

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Questions our reporters have answered:

There are 13 species of rattlesnakes in Arizona, so it’s impossible to cover every deviation in a single saying.
So you’ve finished a can of soda, a bottle of wine or maybe a box of cereal. You toss it in the recycling bin and put it outside to get picked up. But what happens to your recyclables once they leave the house? One listener wanted to know, and KJZZ investigated as part of the Q&AZ reporting project.
A 2015 Arizona law bans cities from requiring apartment and condo complexes to recycle. ADEQ doesn’t track the percentage of apartments and condos that don’t offer recycling, but they do know the impact.